Dit artikel betreft enkel het butterfly-vestje. De Ergopouch slaapzak kan je apart bijkopen.

How To Use

For hands-up sleeping
1. Dress your baby in a Cocoon Swaddle Bag with the arm studs open, or appropriately sized arms-out sleeping bag.
2. Lay your baby on top of the Butterfly Cardi, and contain their hands in the foldover arm pockets.
3. Do up the studs according to the strength of their startle reflex (tighter, if strong reflex. Looser, if weak reflex).
4. Their hands should be up near their face when lying on their back.
5. To transition to arms-out sleeping once showing signs of rolling, release arms fully from the foldover pockets (see below).

Always put baby down to sleep on their back, in a safe-sleep environment.

For transitioning out of a swaddle
We recommend transitioning over a 10 day period. This should commence when your baby first shows signs of wanting to roll (not after they start rolling) for their safety.

DAY 1 - 3
Dress your baby in the Butterfly Cardi over their sleeping bag or Cocoon Swaddle Bag with their arms contained within the fold-over arm pockets for all their sleeps (day & night).

Use the press studs to adjust the firmness of the Cardi around the torso. If your baby has a strong startle reflex, start with a tight fit. If your baby has a low startle reflex, you can start with the looser fit.

DAY 4 - 7
After your little one is familiar with their new sleepwear addition, you can now take one arm out of the fold-over pocket for all their sleeps.

DAY 8 - 10
In this next stage, you can take their remaining arm out of the other pocket for all their sleeps. On the final day, remove the Cardi altogether. Your baby is now sleeping, arms-out. Hooray!

For a visual guide on how this all comes together check out our How to Use the Butterfly Cardi Video


95% Organic Cotton / 5% Elastane


Gentle cold machine wash in mild detergent. Do not soak or bleach. Tumble Dry Low. Moderately Hot Iron. Drycleanable (P).


Ensure your baby's weight is appropriate to use this product.

Butterfly Cardi

The Butterfly Cardi is designed to be a firm fit, to mimic the enclosed feel of a swaddle. The firmness can also be adjusted using the press-studs according to how strong your child's startle reflex is. Choose the tighter fit for a strong reflex, and the looser fit for older babies who have lost their startle reflex.

ergoPouch size 0-3M 2-6M
Same as size 000 000-00
Max child weight (kg/lb) 3-6kg / 13.2lb 5-8kg / 11 - 17.6lb
Max child height (cm/inch) 62cm / 24.4" 62-88cm / 24.4 - 26.8"

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